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Swimming Pool Guide

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What You Need to Do to Keep Your Swimming Pool Well Maintained



Having a swimming pool in your home is a demanding luxury and you need to brace yourself for the task ahead. A perfect swimming pool is well maintained, has excellent water circulation and is occasionally treated. The frequency of maintenance however depends on the number of user and how often the pool is used.




Clean your swimming pool supplies nj by occasionally removing and replacing used water. You can remove the tangible dirt using a skimmer. Use a skimmer that is long enough to get rid of waste that is settled at the deepest point of the pool. Use your skimmer to remove insects, leaves and other debris that float on water. You can skim your pool on a daily basis depending on the location of the pool. For instance, if the pool is near trees that occasionally shed leaves, you have to remove the leaves more often.


Water Flow


A good swimming pool needs to have water inlets and outlets. Stale water needs to be discarded and replaced with fresh water. Insects and marine animals often create brooding grounds in torpid water; for this reason, the water needs to be frequently stimulated even when not in use to reduce such occurrences.


Water Treatment


You have to treat your pool as part of its inground pool closing nj maintenance procedure. Aside from enhancing good circulation, the water needs to be cured using disinfectants such as chlorine to destroy the pathogens and keep the water safe for human use. You need to know the right chlorine ratio to water that needs to be used to avoid adding either too much or too little of the sterilizer. Using excess chlorine may harm the body whereas adding too little of the sterilizer will beat the purpose of killing germs.




Cover your pool using a pool cover when you do not intend to use it. Seal your swimming pool if you are not around during the weekdays when you have hectic schedules, during harsh weather such as winter and when you are away either for business or for holiday. Leaving the pool open and unattended increases the chances of spoilage and contamination.  You can also learn more about pools by checking out the post at


Your dream of having glamorous weekends by the poolside may be crushed if you dismiss routine check-ups for your swimming pool. All you may harbor is green water and algae infested water and broken filters just to mention a few. Besides, you do not want to contract weird skin conditions in the name of having a pool in your home. Make it a habit to clean the pool on a weekly basis to keep it fresh and well maintained. Occasionally replace the water in the pool after a month or two; this entirely depends on the frequency of use and the size of the pool.